When I was a child I remember seeing short ten second clips of ‘domino record attempts’ at the end of television news broadcasts, in the light-hearted segment reserved for post-sports news filler.  However here in Belgium, this ten-second clip is reserved for an entire day.

This Friday was ‘The Domino Day’, where teams from Belgium and Netherlands try to out-do each other with plastic blocks and their wacky ways of knocking them over.

Apparently this spectacle has been held annually since 1974, with every year tonne of falling plastic added to the record books. To save you a trip to wikipedia, I graphed the number of dominoes fallen per year. Now you know that  by 2012 there will be one fallen domino for every person on the planet.

End of times prophesy? WHO CAN SAY!

Dominoe Day # Dominoes fallen from 1974 - 2009