This is hardly a Gent-related post, however it concerns one of my other passions in life – Music & meta.

I recently read ‘Lifehacker’s Top 10 iTunes Smart Playlists‘, a guide covering Lifehacker’s recommended way to make the most of your iTunes libary – however the guide is absolute rubbish – this Playlist is the only one I’ll ever need.

I call it ‘BEST MIX EVVARRR’, in that it plays only the songs I love, like, or haven’t learnt to appreciate, and it only plays tracks I haven’t really listened to lately.
What this means, is that I end up listening to more of the music I love, and less of the same album over and over again.

The basic premise of the ‘BEST MIX EVVVARR’ is the following:

  • Play songs I love (5-star rating) that I have not listened to in the past week
  • Songs I really like (4-star rating) that I have not listened to in the past 6 weeks
  • Songs I have not rated that I have not listened to in the past 3 months, and aren’t eBooks or shitty Christmas music

How to make such happiness? Follow this simple (?) guide!

Step #1: Create a crazy amazing nested smart-playlist
Open up iTunes, and select ‘New smart playlist’ from the file menu. A new option (from iTunes 9) is to add a nested conditions by pressing the little iTunes dot dot dot icon. Once you’re ready to start playing, have a go with something like the following:

Above you see the three conditions, the top one selects my most loved songs, the second one my most liked songs, and the third finding all the rest. Because iTunes won’t let me take a screenshot of all them in one go, here’s the entirety of the third condition:

Step #2: Play the playlist with iTunes DJ

The next key step is to open the playlist with ‘iTunes DJ’, and start playing away at your newly rediscovered favourite songs, and undiscovered and unlistened winners:

Step #3: Rate the tracks you love/like

As you’re listening, and you realize you love/like a track, up the rating to 4 or 5. This will mean it’ll come back sometime in the next week. If you want it to come up sooner, set the smart playlist to play 5-star tracks more often.

Likewise if you never want to hear it again, give it a rating of 1->3.

Aaah happiness is meta.