It’s been four years of Belgium and likely four thousand beers of Belgium, but after all this time and hops, I still come back to Rochefort 10 as the post dinner beer of choice.

This stuff pours itself. The glasses are sexy, the bottles are firm. The crates they are delivered in are deliciously weighty, and their prices are deceivingly low (they give 10 euro return for your bottles! Cop that, tax man!). The beer is meaty, without leaving bits in your teeth. There’s a trace of caramel, or at least something sweet, however it’s not too much to chase away thoughts of dessert.

There is a downside to this dear dear brew though, in that the idea of a second Rochefort after your first always makes sense up until the next morning – these beers have an uncanny way to usher in the most demobilizing hangovers I’ve ever had. Some might suggest the 11.3% alcohol content is sign enough, however I think there’s something a little darker going on amidst this holy Trappist beer. The monks have put a little bit of their ‘magic’ in each bottle, just enough to cause trouble!

I have made the near impossible decision to stop drinking after just one bottle this evening, however the fridge is full for another week and a bit.

Oh blessed be thy Belgian beer supermarket!