The past week I’ve had my parents visiting all the way from their comfortably warm home, traversing the impossibly cold wintery landscape of Belgium. We’ve been all around this fine land, from Antwerp to Galmaarden and back to Gent, though I swear my mothers highlight was watching the crappy videos I made at the Kenny Rogers concert in London last June.

What made it all the more exciting was the fact that Sir Kenny is playing in Brisbane in no less than 12 weeks. What an amazing discovery.

Today I’m taking the folks to the other other side of Belgium to see the November 11th ceremony at Ieper, the town that basically owns the Last Post. On any other day you can head down to Ieper and pay respect to the terrible days of World War 1 at 8pm, listening to the Last Post played on a bunch of buggles, but today they not only have a buggler brigade by also a bunch of important looking chaps and a million other folk looking very solemn holding wreaths.

In any case, my mother will likely sing the Gambler throughout the procession.