There’s Flanders and there’s there’s West Flanders, just as there’s Flemish and West Flemish, a beautifully cute dialect of Dutch that even after four years of study is still a complete mystery.

Where-ever possible words are changed, warped and mumbled, and grammar reversed a few hundred years. All G’s are pronounced as H’s, which makes words like geld (money) and held (hero) orally equivalent.

The above video comes from an old Flemish television show, and documents the protest of a West Fleming over four weeks, complaining about how the West Flemings are always subtitled on Flemish television. The video concludes with the Flemish broadcaster stopping with their subtitling ways, and instead moving on to overdubs instead.

This all reminds me of the first time I saw an Australian subtitled in an American program, at first it felt quite odd – however when I compare the situation to West Flemish I am ever so thankful that I am able to understand even a little from the written text!

Of the 1.6 million people that speak West Flemish, at least one has taken the time to write over 4000 articles on the West Flemish wikipedia. How about that.