This week is back to work week for most Flemings, and as such this may be of use to at least two of my readers: late 90s computer terminology in West Flemish.

Just what every Ghentleman needs!

  • Windows 98:
    Routte 98 (ah en ne-heh-de)
  • Turn computer on:
    Steg maar aan (1:10)
  • Backspace:
    ker e ke weere (1:30)
  • Print:
    Dru-en (means to print, but also to poo!) (2:14)
  • Hard disk:
    harder ploder (hard surface) (2:25)
  • Shut down:
    Je mucha mullon (literally translates to ‘Keep your mouth shut!’) 2:30

Now that that is done, I’m taking the week off to go Skiing! See ya suckers!