Ketchup burger, Ghent

Ketchup burger, Ghent. Come to Belgium for the burgers, not the hamburgers.

Last month I took a few weeks off work and went to New York for a few weeks of Burgers, Beers and Brooklyn (in exactly that order), and came back surprisingly 5 kilograms lighter than how I departed. Perhaps it’s the tastiness they don’t put in their beers, or the insane amount of times I walked from one side of Manhattan to the other searching for whatever it is I was searching for.

It could also be that I completely substituted my standard Italian based home cooking with Burgers. Really, really, good. Burgers.

Since I’ve been back in Belgium, I’ve had hourly cravings for really, really, good, burgers. So much so that I took it upon myself yesterday to track down a burger joint here in Ghent.

Unfortunately, the prize just wasn’t there for me. Ghent has (so far) one known burger place (discounting the terrible ‘Quick’ and ‘McDonalds’ variants): “Ketchup“, located smack bang in the middle of the pedestrianized mall of downtown Ghent.

The menu is burgers, fries, and hotdogs, and respectably priced shitty beers. The fries taste like your standard Belgian ‘frit-kot’ (Fry house), and the burgers are pretty much exactly what I expected from a Belgian trying to make a Burger – a Belgian bread-roll (crunchy on the outside, soft and nothingness on the inside), meat that has just a little too much non-meat inside it (they loooove putting herbs and breadcrumbs in their mince, what is this place?) covered in enough tomato sauce to make any other ingredient a little unnecessary.

I’m told that there are a few places in Antwerpen that sell a decent burger, so before I dismiss this country as a burger waste land I should embark on the 40 minute drive east.

I miss New York, though I miss her burgers ever so much more!

Shake Shack burger, Mets Stadium NYC

Shake Shack burger, Mets Stadium NYC. I don't remember much about the game (I think it was baseball?) however this burger was worth the price of entry + airfare alone.