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Not everyone comes when you shout 'LEO!'

I came home from work one day and found this pasted at eye level on the toilet door. Apparently for the past eon, Kraft have marketed their ‘Leo’  chocolate bar (kind of like a Kit Kat, but made by Kraft) with the catch phrase “Everyone comes (to you) when you shout ‘Leo!'”.

The print edition here, however says: ” Not everyone comes if you shout ‘Leo!'”.

Oh those wacky Belgians.

"Will Mrs Ghentleman later play with our balls?"

"Will Mrs Ghentleman later play with our balls?"

This seemingly innocent letter arrived for Mrs Ghentleman this morning, asking if she’d like to come and play with Humo Magazine’s balls.

Aaah, Belgium.

Last night the University of Gent was the stage of a dramatic battle of ideological pasties, when several extreme-right NSV students were pelted with tarts from some local PCF anarchists.

Wouter Opdenacker, chairman of the NSV declared his disapproval of the act. ” We were not injured, but find it childish and tasteless”.

This could very well be a rally cry for bakers in the area to step up and prepare some tastier pies for the next scheduled match, on 24th of February outside the Gent University’s St. Peter’s square.

Book it in your diaries, and bring along your tasty pastries.

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Flemish Culture Prize 2010

That's the Belgian minister of Culture giving some guy a statue of a penis in the name of culture

Aaah Belgium, you never fail to impress.